Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Time of Day v1.4


- Combined sun and moon lamps into main blueprint
- Added a sky lamp so GI is no longer necessary, also embedded in blueprint
- Textured moon is now an option
- Compass can now be moved around in the 3D view for better visibility
- Cleaned up settings, removed useless options

This version is a lot cleaner than the last one, now all you should need to do is drag and drop the dome into the level, no lamp setup required.  (Make sure you delete any preexisting sun/moon lamps.)

Known issues:
- Textured moon does not go behind clouds

Friday, June 12, 2015

Time of Day: v1.3

This update isn't as polished as I wanted it to be, but it was taking forever to finish so I figured what the heck.

Download from gdrive:

- Fixed bright night sky
- Sun axis can tilt
- New and improved direction functionality with compass
- Misc. fixes

- The sun and moon lamps are still separate from the BP, you will need to add them yourself and fix the references in the skydome BP, see the included example map for details.
- If nothing is happening, make sure your lamps are "movable" and the time speed is fast enough to see.
- The first person blueprint example stuff is included in the download, if windows asks if something will be overwritten when you copy it it's probably that.